Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Does Your Marketing Strategy Know How Big Your Goals Are?

When developing a marketing strategy, it is very helpful to be specific about your goals. ‘More’ and ‘higher’ are not enough. It is much better to define how much more or how much higher.

Editor's note: This post is part of a series on developing an effective Online Marketing Strategy. It tells the story of John, a small business owner, who creates his first online marketing plan, using the Audience Creator. Content Marketing Wizard Tim coaches him along this journey.

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Wizard 1 - Goals
Tim makes John come up with numbers

Wizard 1.3 - Measurable goals

Content Marketing Wizard 1.3 Measurable Goals'Right,' Tim replies, 'so how are you going to reach those people?'

'Well,' says John, 'we have our website and a newsletter, and we could start using a blog, and twitter, and then we’ll see.'

'I see. Not recommended!' says Tim in a casual way. 'Sure, you can and should use all those ingredients, but there is more to our recipe! What is it you want to accomplish? How are you going to tell if your recipe was successful? Have you thought of that?'

Tim thinks for a minute here.

'Well, it would be nice if we had a few new customers next year.'

'How many?' asks Tim. 'Well, 25 would be great, John says smiling, but I’ll settle for 3, provided they bring in enough participants, say 30.'

'Okay,' says Tim, 'so your goal is 3 new customers by next year. Now we’re getting somewhere. The actual numbers aren’t that important. And we will be dealing with this in greater detail later on. What is important is that we established measurable goals.'

John enters in the Audience Creator:
This year:
Three organizations that each bring 30 participants who train on a weekly base; 10% increase in annual revenue; 
Increase brand awareness of our outdoor corporate fitness program by increasing website views by 50% in next 6 months.

In the next episode 2.1, John recollects marketing memories.

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About the Author(s): This article was written by Arno van Boven and Ronald Kloots of Content Marketing Wizard.

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