Monday, May 21, 2012

How Small Business Owner John Creates His Online Marketing Plan in a Couple of Days

Content Marketing Wizard Players John and Tim
Introducing John and Tim
People don’t like long lectures. They want to be shown, not told. It is the underlying idea of the Content Marketing Wizard, our method for online marketing for small businesses. It covers a lot of topics. Explaining all these would mean a lot of lecturing.

We solved this by transforming our lectures into a story. This is the first in a series of posts telling that story.

It is about small business owner John, who is guided through the creation of his Online Marketing Plan by his coach Tim, a Content Marketing wizard.

In the coming period, you can read about his progress as he goes from having barely a clue about online marketing to completing his first online marketing strategy.

Introducing the players...

Meet John from England. John owns a fitness center with 12 employees. Located at the edge of a city park, he has both indoor and outdoor activities for his clients. Because of fierce competition, profit margins in traditional gyms are small. John came up with the idea of creating special outdoor programs for business groups, so that employees can exercise together. He calls it ‘Move your business’. His challenge: get leads for this product.

John’s company has a website and a mailing list. Other than that, the Internet is not used for marketing purposes. Yet.

John himself is no stranger to the Internet. In fact, he would be lost without e-mail, or the local news sites, or his favorite take-away service. Then again, he is not some whizzkid either. Far from it. And he doesn’t want to be! “But if I consume services on the web from others," John realizes, “I can make others consume my services. I see it all around me. How do I go about achieving that? How can I use the web to get customers?”

So John hired this guy from a marketing agency, and spent a few mornings talking to a real marketeer. But after a few sessions of brainstorming and a lot of money, he felt they didn’t speak the same language. “Surely I must be able to do this by myself?” John thought, and he spent a few evenings on Google. This didn’t help much, though. The amount of possibilities and ideas overwhelmed him. So John let the idea rest, but it never left his mind...

Meet Tim. A former speleologist and rabbit aficionado, Tim is now a Content Marketing Wizard. Tim has a method for generating Leads via the Internet through Content Marketing.

On a sunny afternoon Tim and John meet during a networking event. Tim has interesting stories to tell about do-it-yourself Content Marketing. What it is. About how simple it can be. About common pitfalls. About how he has developed a Wizard that people can use. So interesting in fact, that John decides to buy this Wizard off Tim to do his own Content Marketing. Tim will be coaching John along the way.

In the next episode, Tim and John meet again. Tim helps John make the first simple step.

The entire story of John and Tim is also available for reading on your computer or other mobile device. Get it from Amazon or Smashwords.

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About the Authors: This article is written by Ronald Kloots (connected to Google+) and Arno van Boven (connected to Google+) of Content Marketing Wizard

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