Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Is There a Market in Your Marketing Plan?

Marketing has the word market in it, yet a common mistake is being insufficiently clear on what market your strategy is targeting.

Editor's note: This post is part of a series on developing an effective Online Marketing Strategy. It tells the story of John, a small business owner, who creates his first online marketing plan, using the Audience Creator. Content Marketing Wizard Tim coaches him on this journey.

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Wizard 1 - Goals
Where John has to think about his market

Wizard 1.2 - Market

'So,' asks Tim, 'who do you want to know about this service?'

'Let’s see,' says John, 'we think that by offering outdoor programs for business groups, we can create a win-win situation. They get exercised, so their company benefits from healthier employees, and we increase our sales. So our focus is business to business.'

'Mostly a local affair, not international, I presume?,' Tim asks.

'Yes, local but eventually country-wide,' John replies, 'I have talked to several colleagues in the field about it. In the future, we could cooperate.'

'Right,' says Tim, 'but for now, it’s local?'

'It is,' John says.

'Any particular kind of businesses you would like as customer?' asks Tim.

'Oh, I have no preference there,' says John. 'But I believe our initial chances to be bigger with governmental and non-profit organizations, and they should have a fair amount of employees, say 50 to 500. We welcome everyone of course, but the service is for groups.'

'Aye,' says Tim. 'Have you thought about who you want to reach in those organizations?'

'Indeed I have,' John says, 'I would like to reach the executive level. I believe "Move your business" should best be part of a company-wide policy on health, raising health awareness and reducing sick leave'

'Okay,' Tim summarizes, 'now we know who we will be talking to in general. We’ll be more specific about this later on, but let’s enter all this in the wizard for now.'

John enters in the Audience Creator:
B2B with focus on groups; Large companies with 50 to 500 employees in profit and non-profit sector; Organizations that want to raise health awareness and reduce sick leave. 
Locations and languages:
Local area; English

In the next episode 1.3, John will set himself some goals.

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About the Author(s):  This article was written by Ronald Kloots and Arno van Boven of Content Marketing Wizard .

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