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Press release May 4, 2012

Content Marketing Wizard: a new online marketing method for small businesses

On May 1, 2012 Dutch consulting agency KRIS consult launched the Content Marketing Wizard, an online marketing method developed specifically for small businesses.

Small businesses often struggle to take commercial advantage of online marketing possibilities and social media. Time constraints and lack of expertise prevent online marketing become a natural part of their business process. Hiring external expertise is costly, yet online marketing is getting increasingly important. The Content Marketing Wizard is a do-it-yourself method to generate leads that systematizes the use of social media and other online channels. The Google Apps based service uses a unique narrative approach to guide small businesses through the process at their own pace.

Social Media: a missed opportunity?
'Old school' marketing techniques such as static websites and advertising in print are on the wane. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to truly establish an online presence. Online sales are now part of everyday life, and the emergence of social media have created vast opportunities for word-of-mouth. At the same time, the online environment is constantly changing, for consumers and companies alike.

Why small businesses struggle
Large organizations usually have staff dedicated to online media but small businesses often do not, KRIS found. They realise the need to 'do' something, but do not know where to start. With so many services available on the internet, figuring out what marketing strategy works for your business is no simple task. Small businesses often simply lack time, funds, human resources and technical expertise needed to incorporate online marketing into their business plan. Hiring external expertise is expensive and generally ad-hoc. KRIS recognized the need for an integrated method for online marketing, that small businesses can perform on their own, without posing a strain on daily 'business as usual'. They analyzed and identified the basic elements of online marketing and created a wizard for each step of the process. All steps combined make up the Content Marketing Wizard.

The wizard of John: a story
With the Content Marketing Wizard, small businesses have a pre-defined framework with which to do  their own online marketing, including instructions, templates and background theory. A unique feature of the Content Marketing Wizard approach comes in the form of a story - literally. The entire wizard is also presented as a narrative, the story of small business owner John who fills out the Content Marketing Wizard aided by wizard Tim. The narrative serves as one big working example.

The advantages of the Google Apps platform, the hands-on approach and the unique narrative example make the Content Marketing Wizard an interesting service for businesses who want to generate their own leads at their own pace.

More information on the Content Marketing Wizard is available at  www.content-marketing-wizard.com

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