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A Good Marketing Strategy Uses the Past in the Future

Even when you start your marketing strategy from scratch, it is recommended that you take into account any previous marketing efforts you have put in, if any of course.

This post is part of a series on developing an effective Online Marketing Strategy. It tells the story of John, a small business owner, who creates his first online marketing plan, using the Audience Creator. Content Marketing Wizard Tim coaches him along this journey.

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Wizard 2 - Audit
Where has John been doing?

Wizard 2.1 - Past and current marketing efforts

Past and current marketing efforts Content Marketing Wizard'Where have you been,' Tim asks.

'I beg your pardon?' John answers with a puzzled look.

'What marketing have you done in the past, I mean,' Tim clarifies. 'What have you done already, and did it work for you?'

'I see, John says, let me think for a minute here. And I send a newsletter every 3 months. In the past, we did some cold-calling, but to be honest I hated it and it didn’t do a thing. A while back I put out some ads in a magazine, but that yielded nothing either. And lately, I have been networking more frequently, you know, good-old in the flesh. It takes a lot of time but it does give me new contacts I can send our newsletter to.'

'I see,' Tim says. 'Let's record that in your document.'

John enters in the Audience Creator:

E-newsletter sent every 3 months to 300 people on the mailing list; Webform on website yields 5 new subscribers a month; Visit networking events once a month. 
Didn’t work:
Intensive cold calling of 40 HR executives in a period of 2 months. Only 3 contacts added to the list; Advertising in three editions of a health magazine; Two direct-mailing (print) sent 9 months and 4 months ago to leads and customers on the mailing list.In the next episode, John learns a new way of looking at his audience.

In the next episode 2.2, John learns a new way of looking at his audience

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About the Author(s): This article was written by Ronald Kloots and Arno van Boven of Content Marketing Wizard.

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