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I Dream of Conny: A Good Marketing Strategy Has the Right Persona in Mind

When a marketing plan is targeted at a general audience, your story will likely be all too general as well. A technique to avoid that is to visualize a specific individual, a persona.

Editor's Note: This post is part of a series on developing an effective Online Marketing Strategy. It tells the story of John, a small business owner, who creates his first online marketing plan, using the Audience Creator. Content Marketing Wizard Tim coaches him along this journey.

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Wizard 3 - Targeting
John imagines who he’s talking to

3.1 - Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience Content Marketing Wizard
'Remember wizard 1, when we established who you wanted to reach?' says Tim, 'well, now is the time to visualize your audience. Make it into a single fictitious character. A persona that you can picture in your head and that you will tell your stories to.

For instance, picture yourself in a bar, talking to someone about what it is you do. If you imagine having a conversation with a particular person, your story will be more focused and you will be better able to anticipate questions.'

'I see,' says John, and spends a few minutes trying to make up this persona. In the end, he dreams of Conny.

John enters in the Audience Creator:

Biography of persona: 
Conny is: CEO and HR manager, between 40-55 years old with master/bachelor degree, sporting person, female with a healthy lifestyle. Committed to the welfare of her employees. Sees an increase in sick leave due to unhealthy lifestyle of employees. Wants employees to live healthier and invest in them. Willing to make tough decisions.

In the next episode, John has some serious nuts to crack

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